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In this episode, Coach Clarence introduces Sherry Saban, a health and life coach based in Montreal, Quebec. Unlike traditional fitness professionals who focus on weight loss and calorie counting, Sherry delves into the mindset behind unhealthy habits. She shares her coaching journey and how desperation led her to help others transform their lives. Sherry and Clarence discuss why people knowingly sabotage their health and explore the importance of understanding the "why" behind these actions. Tune in to gain insights on overcoming self-sabotage and achieving a healthier mindset.

00:00:02 - Introduction to the Podcast
00:00:13 - Meet Sherry Saban: Fitness Professional
00:00:23 - Beyond the Basics of Fitness
00:00:45 - The Mindset in Fitness Coaching
00:01:23 - Sherry's Personal Journey into Health and Fitness
00:03:41 - Sherry's Transformation and Career Shift
00:04:54 - New Year's Resolutions and Outcome-Based Goals
00:06:02 - Adopting a System-Based Approach to Goals
00:07:09 - Daily Habits and Long-Term Success
00:07:44 - Sherry's Primary Demographic: Busy Mothers and Professionals
00:08:54 - Falling in Love with Fitness
00:09:57 - Women's Body Image and Eating Habits
00:12:24 - The Impact of Trauma on Eating and Fitness
00:16:18 - Sherry's Transition to Online Coaching
00:17:06 - Sherry's Stance on Diets and Intuitive Eating
00:20:01 - The Importance of Gut Health
00:24:40 - Sherry's Personal De-Stress Habits
00:29:53 - Creating a Life of Freedom
00:30:09 - Sherry's Take on Supplements and Quick Fixes
00:33:08 - Sherry's Personal and Business Goals for 2024
00:35:44 - How to Connect with Sherry and Her Work
00:36:49 - Closing Thoughts on Mindset and Fitness

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