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Show Notes

D-Lo, a native Arizonan, discusses his love for music and his role in the music business. He shares how he interned at WEA, a distributorship for major record labels, and got the opportunity to work with bands like Van Halen, Metallica, and The Prodigy. D-Lo also talks about his childhood fascination with Van Halen and how he fulfilled his dream of meeting Eddie Van Halen.
D-Lo shares his experiences and discusses his transition to fitness in his 50s.
Tune in for an entertaining and insightful conversation. Don't forget to check out the link in the show notes to D-Lo's own podcast.
Check out his interview with Coach Clarence here:

00:04:52 Opportunity and perseverance pay off.
00:08:12 Collecting Star Wars memorabilia is nostalgic but can be overwhelming.
00:10:05 Lifestyle choices affect physical fitness.
00:16:06 Tracking calories can change lives.
00:22:39 Building relationships is key.
00:24:39 Niche yourself for success.
00:29:40 Family is not defined by labels.
00:34:28 Live the dream every day.
00:39:13 Networking is valuable for marketing.

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