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Show Notes

In this episode of Fit Over 40's Coach's Corner, the host interviews Jen Drummond, an inspiring woman with an incredible story. Jen shares how a car accident and the loss of a friend made her realize the importance of truly living life. She embarked on a bucket list journey in 2019 and decided to climb a mountain for her 40th birthday. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, she eventually set her sights on Everest, inspired by her son's comment. Jen's coach suggested she become the first woman to climb the seven-second summit, the second-highest point on each continent. Jen, up for the challenge, embraced this crazy and life-changing journey.

00:01:39 Choose to live a bold life.
00:07:28 No takeaway
00:12:10 Big mountains take big teams.
00:16:08 Overcoming challenges through resilience and teamwork.
00:24:14 Transitioning from one pursuit to another.
00:27:15 Find the extraordinary in the ordinary.
00:34:31 Stay positive and embrace life.
00:37:57 Overcoming self-doubt and inspiring others.

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