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Show Notes

In this episode of Coaches Corner, host Clarence interviews guest Lucie Ptasznik, a national speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. Lucie shares her journey from growing up in Detroit with a big dream of Riding a horse, despite her family's financial constraints. She emphasizes the power of perseverance and having a burning desire to achieve your dreams. Tune in to hear how Lucie's passion for horses shaped her path to success.

00:00:02 - Introduction and Guest Welcome
Introducing the podcast and welcoming guest Lucie Ptasznik.

00:00:42 - Lucie's Background
Lucie shares her childhood dreams and her journey to becoming a national speaker, coach, and entrepreneur.

00:02:20 - Turning Passion into Business
Lucie discusses how she turned her passion for horses into a successful business.

00:03:48 - Law of Attraction and Empowerment
Lucie talks about her mission to teach others about the law of attraction and empowering people to achieve their dreams.

00:04:56 - Synchronicity and Shared Missions
A moment of synchronicity between the host and Lucie's philosophies.

00:05:30 - Personal Experience with Horses
The host shares his lack of experience with horses and the divergence in their missions.

00:06:44 - Overcoming Stuck Feelings
Lucie explains why people feel stuck and how changing one's story can lead to a different future.

00:09:24 - Peak Emotional State
Lucie defines what a peak emotional state is and its importance in decision-making.

00:12:12 - Lucie's Coaching Program
Lucy outlines the three pillars of her 16-week coaching program.

00:19:27 - Intention Setting
Lucie describes the process of intention setting and its impact on achieving goals.

00:23:13 - Public Speaking and Overcoming Fear
Lucie discusses her experience with public speaking and how she overcame the fear associated with it.

00:24:05 - Ideal Client for Lucie's Coaching
Lucie describes the ideal candidate for her coaching services.

00:25:40 - Mindset and Daily Habits
The host and Lucie discuss the importance of mindset in achieving personal goals.

00:29:20 - Personal and Business Goals for the Year
Lucie shares her goals for the year, focusing on service and giving back.

00:31:13 - Balancing a Busy Lifestyle
Lucie talks about how she manages her various commitments and the importance of having a good team.

00:35:03 - Personal Habit Challenges
Lucie opens up about her challenges with self-love and self-image.

00:39:09 - Where to Find Lucie and Her Coaching Program
Lucie provides information on where people can find her coaching program and access free training.

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