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Show Notes

Coach Clarence invites Veronica Lynn Clark, a life reinvention strategist and intimacy coach, to the Fit Over 40 podcast. They delve into the concept of intimacy, highlighting that it is not solely limited to sexual intimacy but extends to being intimate with oneself and life. Veronica explains her role in helping individuals uncover their purpose and fill the void they feel, even after achieving conventional success. She shares her own experiences of facing hardships and ultimately finding fulfillment in her work.
00:02:09 Finding purpose in life.
00:11:07 Intimacy begins with self-awareness.
 00:11:44. Intimacy helps you feel fully alive.
00:19:58 Overcome challenges and embrace change.
00:22:20 Mindset is key for change.
00:30:06. Develop discipline to strengthen the voice of your higher self and overcome negative thoughts.
00:32:46 Empower yourself, rewrite your narrative.
00:38:23 Vulnerability is necessary for change.
00:43:35 Embrace vulnerability for a deeper connection.
00:48:41 Release manipulative strategies for connection.

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