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Show Notes

In this podcast, George Siderias. recounts his life story and the pivotal moments that shaped his fitness journey. Diagnosed with cancer at 24, George defied the odds and beat the disease. This experience led him to pursue his passion for martial arts and later CrossFit. He recently completed the Chicago marathon, exceeding his goal time. Siderius's story is one of resilience and determination.

00:00:52 Overcoming cancer, pursuing fitness.
00:07:24 A Positive mindset is crucial.
00:12:09 Importance of mindset in success.
00:17:39 Balance nutrition for confidence and health.
00:23:14 Balance is a shifting priority.
00:28:30 Don't let anyone derail your purpose.
00:36:28 Don't overcomplicate, just take action.
00:40:26 Overcome obstacles and give back.
00:46:23 Believe in your own capabilities.

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