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Show Notes

Coach Clarence has a conversation with Dom Faussette in this podcast episode. 
Dom shares his personal and professional background, including his experience in the Air Force, law enforcement, and the banking industry. He also discusses his career as a speaker and coach, as well as his involvement in owning a medical facility for sober living. The discussion highlights Dom's success and his perspective on relationships, communication, and understanding between men and women.

00:03:37 Understanding communication differences is crucial.
00:05:13 Effective communication is key.
00:10:17 Relating to women with kids.
00:18:47 Ask your partner about their needs.
00:20:10 Men need to be asked about their needs.
00:25:27 Be open-minded and non-judgmental.
00:30:41 Take ownership of your life.
00:40:24. Interracial relationships strengthen love.
00:43:32 Perception and stereotypes shape attitudes.

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