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Show Notes

In this episode of Fit Over 40, host Coach Clarence interviews Jonathan Rivera, also known as JR, the results leader. JR shares his journey from being unemployable to living his mission of bringing positive messages to people through the power of words. He discusses his role at the Podcast Factory, a podcast agency that offers marketing, production, and strategy services. Tune in to learn more about JR's inspiring story and his mission to bring men back to God's light.
00:03:01 Customer's wants vs. their needs
00:08:18 Your network determines your net worth.
00:11:32 Borrow belief, surround yourself.
00:16:23 Delegate and let others contribute.
The timestamp is 00:25:31. Podcasting as a business asset.
00:26:59 Stop waiting, start taking action.
00:35:28 Building a successful business together.
00:38:32 Empower children to solve problems.

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